Agent obligation: one of three redress schemes

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Housing Minister Kris Hopkins, MP, has released details of three ‘redress schemes’ for letting and property management agents. It will be a legal requirement for agents to sign up to one of these schemes.

The three compulsory redress schemes are: The Property Ombudsman, Ombudsman Services Property, and The Property Redress Scheme. The new rules are just one part of the government’s efforts to secure a better deal for tenants in the private rented sector

The approved ‘redress schemes’ will offer independent investigation of complaints about hidden fees or poor service. Where a complaint is upheld, tenants and leaseholders could receive compensation.

A majority of letting and managing agents have already voluntarily signed up to a scheme. The remaining 3,000 agents, approximately 40 per cent, have a legal requirement to sign up later this year.

In addition to providing greater protecting tenants from hidden fees and landlords from unscrupulous agents, extra guidance for local councils on how to tackle ‘rogue’ landlords will be made available. Embedded within this guidance is how best to push for harsher penalties for housing offences.

View the Government press release for more information.

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  • I offer Landlord Services, as well as being a Landlord, to other smaller Landlords who are fed up paying Managing/estate agents fees. Now the govenment is going to put more restrictions on me. Great so the big boys win again !!!

    • Hopefully it will not impact your business too much. However, from a landlord point of view this should be welcomed. Without a redress system letting/managing agents were unregulated. With increasing scrutiny on landlords it’s important that there is balance in terms of regulation.

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