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RLA Chairman and key campaigner Alan Ward, is set to continue his hard work with a speech at the RLA’s ‘Homes fit for families: achieving a quality, safe, competitive rented sector’ fringe event Tuesday afternoon.

Alan will be talking in the Library at the Hilton Metrpole hotel in Brighton. The event is running for an hour between 13:00-14:00.

Alan’s speech will continue to champion the role of the private landlord in the national economy and how the private rented sector (PRS) needs to be fostered rather than restricfted by government legislation.

Key topics for the event include:

  • Longer term tenancies.
  • Are rent controls the answer?
  • Does licensing work?
  • How best to root out criminal landlords
  • How to improve safety in the PRS.

The News Hub team is excited for this period being a crucially important time of year for the country and a busy time for anyone in the housing sector.

Vice chair of the LGA Environment and Housing Board, and Housing Board and Labour Lead on Housing at the LGS Councillor Clyde Loakes will be delivering a speech as well as Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey. The event is expected to be a continuation of the strong relationship the RLA has with government counterparts and Alan has a big opportunity to challenge misleading statistics in the public eye.

Alan rejects the planning and licensing schemes that have been implemented across the country, arguing that private landlords and HMOs not only support groups that cannot get into the property ladder easily – students and young working groups – but also the local communities in which they live. Local shops, restaurants and bars all thrive under student communities and young working professionals can use this form of accommodation because of the flexibility and affordability that they provide.

The RLA has sent a strong team to the Labour party conference, and expects the fringe events to create a good draw. Stay tuned to the RLA News Hub for more information as it becomes available

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