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Are you a new landlord?

Robert Maccabe
Written by Robert Maccabe

There are nearly 2 million landlords across the UK and many are ‘accidental’ landlords who are ordinary people, with jobs, in situations where renting out a property has become necessary. Many may have inherited property or been unable to sell, so renting the property is the only option. This could mean that inexperienced landlords are unaware of constantly changing rules and regulations.

There are currently 400 regulations that impact the private rented sector. Being a member of the RLA is good first step in being recognized as a good landlord and keeping you up-to-date with the latest best practice. Potentially, helping you to avoid fines or worse prison.

One of our most in demand courses is Principles of Lettings. This is perfect for all landlords to understand the minefield of legal obligations and provide the fundamentals of how to be a great landlord. This course covers it all from creating a tenancy to dealing with rent arrears. This course will provide the knowledge to ensure that your tenancies are hassle free and not falling foul of the law.

We have a special discount for RLA members, if you’re interested in taking the steps to being a great landlord then take a look at our course.

Check our our Principles of Letting Course here

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Robert Maccabe

Robert Maccabe

Robert is the Head of Operations for the RLA. He manages the RLA Contact Centre, ensuring all members receive excellent customer service and advice.

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