Are you Gas Safe?

Building regulations in England and Wales make it a legal requirement that when a heat producing gas appliance and any associated systems with the appliance is installed in your property, you have a responsibility to ensure your Local Authority (LA) are notified. These are requirement different to gas regulations.

In most cases, the engineers that have fitted your appliances will have notified the LA (should be within 30 days) and then you should receive a ‘Building Regulations Compliance Certificate’ around seven working days after the LA receiving the notification. You should keep this certificate as it will be needed if you sell or remortgage your property in the future.

Despite registered engineers having a responsibility to notify the relevant authorities, the onus is with the owner of the property (landlord) and they will be responsible for the appropriate enforcements from the LA.

If you have not received this certificate you should call Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 and they will check if your appliance has gone through the correct notification procedure. If it hasn’t you will then need to contact your engineer or another registered engineer to re-commission the appliance and follow the correct requirements.

Gas Safe Register notifications factsheet

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