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Call of the week- sweeping the chimney

Call of the week

Our call of the week this week is a festive one. This week a landlord phoned our advice team asking for the landlord to come round and sweep the chimney before Christmas Eve.

The landlord was unsure whether it was their responsibility to arrange to do this or not, and they phoned our advice team asking what they should do. 

The response from our Landlord Advice Team

As Christmas approaches, our Landlord Advice Team has been getting many Christmas related queries this year.

An advisor in our advice team responded by saying that it is not the landlords responsibility to clean a chimney at Christmas-or any other time of the year. 

As long as the chimney isn’t blocked by something like a fire that would require a technician to remove it, the courts have clearly stated that chimney sweeping is the tenant’s responsibility. 

The tenant should be cleaning the chimneys in the property on a regular basis, so if she wants Father Christmas not to cover her rug in soot she should get on with the chimney sweeping.  If the tenant’s not willing to do that,perhaps she can suggest that she will wait up for Father Christmas and let him in through the front door! 

Rupinder Aujla, Landlord Advice Team Manager, said ‘Merry Christmas everyone. This Christmas we are here for you. While we are shut for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year, we will be open on the 27th and 28th of December. We will also be open on New Years Eve until 3pm. closed on New Years Day and open as normal on Wednesday 2nd January.

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  • Although maybe not a legal requirement neglecting sweeping the chimney regularly can result in a chimney fire. these can cause severe damage to a property.
    You also need to make people aware that some insurance underwriters insist on a yearly sweep or it may invalidate your policy.

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