The RLA exists to campaign on behalf of members – fighting for a fair deal for the nations’ residential landlords.

The Government recently announced plans to abolish repossessions using a section 21 notice. 

The RLA is calling for the retention of the section 21 notice until private landlords have confidence in any new system. They must be able to swiftly regain possession of their property with certainty.  This will require a suite of reforms including a new housing court, greatly enhanced grounds for possession, and welfare reform to ensure private landlords can confidently rent to more vulnerable tenants.

The other policy areas we campaign on are:

Finance & Taxation
Energy Efficiency
& Safety
Welfare Reform

Regulation &
Local & Devolved
RLA in Parliament

We also conduct and commission research to inform our campaigning work, you can find out more about the RLA’s research work at the RLA Private Renting Evidence, Analysis & Research Lab.

We are campaigning for clear, practical and workable legislation, asking the Government to reduce the regulatory burden on our membership of responsible and professional landlords.

The RLA is proven to be one of the most effective campaigning organisations for landlords, twice winning ‘Best Campaigner’ at the prestigious Landlord and Letting Awards and has succeeded in bringing about beneficial changes in areas including immigration legislation and Right to Rent, EPC rules, and deposit protection.

We want to see light touch regulation for compliant landlords that enables local authorities to better use their resources to address the criminals who, though in the minority, are out there.

We are very much aware that the common consequence of unnecessary and expensive regulation is that costs are inevitably passed to tenants – at odds with what both the Government and landlords want – a healthy and robust private rented sector.