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The RLA works hard to represent the needs of landlords across the whole of the UK, and our campaigns directly affect the circumstances and practises of every single British landlord.

Only with your help can we provide you with the best possible representation in Westminster.

Furthermore, being a landlord can prove to be a minefield of legislative and practical issues. The RLA aims to cut a path through it for its membership, providing a package of services aimed at making your work as easy as possible.

In order to ensure your voice is heard, and that you receive the best support possible, The RLA believes all landlords should join its rapidly expanding network. For just 21p-a-day, landlords can receive a full package of support from the RLA, and contribute directly to our campaign and policy work.

The RLA needs the support of as many landlords as possible to represent the views of the private rented sector. You can support the RLA in a number of ways:

Join us

The RLA is a not-for-profit organisation, and we can only do as much work as our funds allow. Every single spare penny is ploughed back into campaigning for its membership, and for just 21p-a-day you can help us increase our campaigning work.

To join the RLA please click here.


Provide us with your case studies

The RLA always requires real-life case studies to illustrate its campaigns, and provide depth to our messages. If you would like to assist us in providing us with a case study to illustrate one of our campaigns please email our Campaigns team at

Lobby your MP

You can lobby your local MP – or the MP where your properties are located – directly about the issues that matter to you. To find out who your MP is, and find out why it is important to secure their support of your MP please click here.

Let us know what you think

You can let the RLA know what you think of any campaign issues by emailing us at, or via the RLA Forum by clicking here.

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You can keep up-to-date with our work in the following ways:

Tell others about our work

Please tell others about our campaign work, so that they too can assist us. The more people who support our work, the more the RLA can achieve on your behalf.