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Often referred to as the ‘silent killer’, carbon monoxide is a poisonous, colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.

Common sources of this potentially fatal gas within the home include fuel burning appliances such as boilers, gas stoves and ovens, water heaters, clothes dryers and open fireplaces.

As landlords we have a responsibility for providing safe and secure homes, here are 4 crucial tips to keep you up-to-date with your responsibilities:

  • Be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector installed, if you don’t have one, go out and buy one. As of October 1st 2015 all landlords are required to have a detector installed in rooms with a solid fuel appliance.  If you are a Landlord be sure to take advantage of our Tradepoint card and save up to 20% on Carbon monoxide detectors.
  • If you breach these regulations, you could face a fine of up to £5,000, even if you rent via an agency.
  • Be sure to have a CO detector on every floor of your building at head height with an alarm at least 15 feet away from fuel burning appliances.
  • Test alarms regularly! You won’t know if you have a leak without a working carbon monoxide detector. Be sure that your tenant tests alarms at least once a month and replace them every 5 to 7 years (depending on manufactures label and guidance).

If you would like to learn more about the carbon monoxide requirements for landlords, please visit our carbon monoxide requirements guide.

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