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Could new Conservative leader mean a change of attitude to private renting?

John Stewart
Written by John Stewart

The Conservative Party is about to elect a new leader, choosing between former Foreign Secretary and London Mayor, Boris Johnson, and current Foreign Secretary and former Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Providing they can keep the confidence of the House of Commons, the new leader will become the new Prime Minister.  Private landlords may be hoping that a change of leader heralds a change of attitude to private renting.

From tax hikes and fees bans to immigration checks and possession restrictions, the last 9 years, under successive Conservative PMs and Chancellors, has seen the PRS face rapidly changing financial and legislative changes, tipping the balance firmly towards winning the tenant vote.

Both candidates will be touring the country seeking support from party members, and attending hustings between now and the close of the ballot on 22nd July.  There will also be an online husting tonight, June 26th, where questions can be fired at the contenders from the comfort of home!

Landlords who are Conservative members may wish to attend a hustings and ask Boris and Jeremy to commit to a more positive attitude to private renting.  Specific policy areas that could be raised include: a recognition of the importance of the PRS in meeting the housing demand of the future, though pro-growth taxation; changes to the welfare system that give landlords confidence to let to  vulnerable tenants; a fair possession process that recognises landlords need to be able to regain their property quickly and smoothly, to retain investment confidence; a commitment to reject rent controls in the PRS; a streamlined system of regulation and effective enforcement that allows good landlords to get on with providing homes, and tackles the criminal operators.

Please let us know if you managed to attend a hustings, and were able to raise a question on the future of our sector, in the comment section below or email

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John Stewart

John Stewart

John is the Policy Manager for the RLA. He has over 20 years experience working in politics, as a successful election agent, MP’s assistant, local councillor and council leader, and is a former charity chief executive.

He oversees RLA policy work across all levels of government – central, devolved and local – working to ensure that landlords’ views are represented and officials, MPs, Assembly Members and local councillors have key information and evidence about the PRS before they take decisions.

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