Crown to evict families

Written by RLA

Some tenants in properties owned by the Crown are facing eviction. The Crown Estate director says tenants are given the option to buy the properties.

In a bid to make mandated savings, the Crown Estate will sell approximately 200 of 750 rural homes they own in the UK. Families that have been living in these properties for years feel aggrieved after paying rents and improving properties.

The tenants and families facing evictions are campaigning against the measures that have seen Crown estates give tenants six months’ notice. An additional chance to buy properties has been put on the table for tenants. Tenants are objecting because they were under the impression that, as long as they paid their rents, they would have a home for life. Some of the tenants have been in their homes for over 20 years.

The Crown Estate will be selling properties in about 30 properties in the UK. Lincolnshire, Dunster, Taunton, and Billingborough are all part of the scheme. Some of the properties are currently vacant.

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  • The Crown estates have recently bought sizeable land in Northumberland and occupants of tied accommodation (again who have lived in the properties for many years) are fearing a similar situation. They have been given notice on their employment and granted 1 years grace in the property after this. The fear is that after the year rent will be unreasonably set or that they will also be asked to leave their homes.

  • Copy of lease will be held at Land registry (enquire on-line). When protective covenant expires, land can be sold but not necessarily free from tenure. So the tenant will have the same lease with new landowner. Where land includes a home, tenant has right to buy freehold (at legal price). The right to Cheaply Buying the Freehold that their home sits in will release the tenant Fairly from the covenant.

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