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DWP announce new phone system

Natalie Williamson
Written by Natalie Williamson

The DWP has informed the RLA of a new telephone system that will get a landlord straight through to the claimant’s Case Manager providing the tenant is happy for them to contact DWP on their behalf and gives their ‘explicit consent’.

This will act as an alternative to the national UC helpline number cutting down on waiting times and should help to keep consistency with queries as you and your tenant should only be dealing directly with their Case Manager.

This should also hopefully cut out confusion over sharing information once you have provided answers to some key questions and the tenant has given their explicit consent.

We would advise those landlords with tenants who are in full service Universal Credit areas and those landlords who have tenants on qualifying ‘legacy’ benefits soon to be migrated over to UC, to be building positive relationships with your tenants to get the most out of services like this.  Many landlords will already be used to helping their most vulnerable tenants with form filling and queries. This is recognition within UC that this support needs to continue if the tenant is happy for the landlord to do so.

Click here to read the letter from DWP in full 

From 2019 those claiming existing benefits including families in receipt of Child Tax Credit and Working Tax credit, will start to be migrated across to Universal Credit. This will be the biggest welfare change in a generation.

  • Make sure you are prepared for Universal Credit Full service by attending one of our Universal Credit training courses. You can find out more here.
  • The RLA also has guides on Universal Credit that you can read here
  • You can also call our helpline for any Universal Credit related queries and we will be happy to help.

About the author

Natalie Williamson

Natalie Williamson

Natalie Williamson is the Senior Policy Officer for the RLA and has worked for the Association since 2013. With almost ten years experience in Housing policy and research since graduating from the University of Manchester in Philosophy and Politics , Natalie leads on the RLAs Health and Safety , Welfare and Fuel Poverty Policy areas.

Prior to working for the RLA Natalie worked for a DCLG appointed National Body for Home Improvement Agencies and worked with multiple Government Departments on policies to enable older people and those living with disabilities to remain independent in their own home. Whilst working here Natalie wrote and had published a good practice guide ‘Supporting People in Private Rented Sector Housing’.

Since taking up her position at the RLA Natalie has worked hard to change the narrative of private landlords by working on research projects on welfare and homelessness and also delivered the RLA Safe and Secure Home to help Landlords achieve safe housing for their tenants.

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