Election day: Don’t forget to vote

General Election 2017
Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

The country goes to the polls today with the two major parties almost neck and neck.

The RLA has campaigned relentlessly ahead of the General Election, putting forward a manifesto of six key demands outlining practical ways the government can help the PRS as well as lobbying prospective MPs for support.

This week we have looked at what the government can do to help landlords provide warmer, healthier homes and to cut upfront costs.

Labour’s shadow secretary for housing John Healey also wrote exclusively for the RLA on Labour’s New Deal for Housing.

Lord Shipley, Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister has also provided an article for members, explaining the party’s position on the housing crisis.

The Conservative party did not take up the opportunity to contribute an article, although former Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Lord Flight has written a personal piece in defence of the buy-to-let market in Conservative Home.

Whatever you do today it is vital that you make your voice heard, so make sure you find the time to cast your vote.

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