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End of term: Top tips for landlords for clearing out at end of tenancy

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

Students across the country have broken up for the summer, and many will be moving out of their rental properties for good.

Recent news reports in the media, such as this article in Wales Online, show shocking images of countless bags of rubbish and rotting food being dumped outside a property in Swansea.

With some fire services even warning that they see a spike in rubbish fires at this time of year, its a good idea to remind your tenants to dispose of their rubbish properly.

In this article, we have rounded up our top tips for landlords when it comes to making sure properties are left tidy when tenants leave. Follow these top tips below to make sure your tenants are aware of their responsibilities.

  1. Make sure your tenants know the correct bin to use

The country is in for a spell of hot weather. The heat attracts flies, and there is nothing worse than the smell of overflowing bins covered in flies on the street, not to mention how unsightly this is. If a property is left looking like it is unattended to, this could also be a security risk.

When your tenants are preparing to move out of your property, it could be a good idea to make sure that they are clear on which colour bin they should use in the clear out. Doing this will help to save space in the black bin.

2. Write to your tenants

For some tenants, especially students, it could be the first time they have lived in a rental property. Therefore it might be a good idea to write to your tenants close to their moving out date, to explain how they should get rid of things properly. There is a cost to removing big unwanted items from properties, and by sending your tenants a letter outlining their responsibilities before-hand, it may be easier for you to claim this cost of  the deposit when the tenancy has finished.

3.Remind tenants of importance of removing ALL of their belongings from the property This will save you-and your tenants- time in the long run. If large items are unusable, such as broken TV’s and sofas, it is a good idea to remind your tenants to leave them inside the property. It may be tempting for tenants to leave broken sofas or the like in the front garden of the property or even on the street. However, not only is fly tipping illegal, leaving unwanted sofas and the like on the pavement can put the property at greater risk of being burgled, because this is a strong indicator that the property is empty.

4. Food and clothing banks Remember any un-used food that is still in date or clothing that is in good condition can go to a food back or a charity shop. This should also help to free up space at the property.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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