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Enfield Landlord Forum 2017

India Cocking
Written by India Cocking

Citizen’s Advice Enfield has held regular meetings to discuss issues effecting Enfield and its population. Through these meetings they have found that the top issue troubling the people of Enfield is housing. Specific issues raised include:

  • This year, Enfield was found by a Shelter report to be the top eviction `hotspot’ in England.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 of all issues received by Citizens Advice Enfield relates to housing, a statistic which all 3 of the local MP offices can relate to.
  • Enfield has one of the fastest growing populations of all the London Boroughs.
  • 1 of the top 5 London Boroughs for the number of housing benefit claimants.
  • Average monthly rental cost of 1 room is £650.

From these discussions came a desire to work closer together in order to collaborate with all interested parties to see what can be done to improve the situation, hence the Enfield Housing Partnership was formed.

The Partnership brings together a network of interested parties who have the experience, knowledge, and responsibility to address housing issues to improve the quality of accommodation in the London Borough of Enfield. The Partnership is made up of the London Borough of Enfield, Citizens Advice Enfield, Home Office Immigration, London Fire Brigade, and Kate Osamor MP.

The Partnership’s main aim is to make information available to Landlords to encourage them to provide safe and secure accommodation. They aim to do this by engaging with Landlords either as associations, letting agents or individuals, raising awareness of current legislation, and educating and encouraging via discussion and information.

The first initiative of the new Partnership is to hold a forum for Landlords on 27th February 2017 at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town. The format of the forum will be a mix of information stalls and discussion meetings. The drop in sessions will be running between 2pm and 8pm with presentations and discussion sessions at 2:30pm and 6pm. Subjects include: legislative changes, Right to Rent, free financial and legal advice, safety issues, help for improvements, and free smoke alarms.

The Partnership aims to make forums for landlords and tenants annual events.

For free tickets click here

For more information about the Partnership or their events contact:

To keep up to date with news and events in Enfield visit their Local Authority Network Page

About the author

India Cocking

India Cocking

India is the Local Government Officer for the RLA. Having completed her degree in International Politics at Aberystwyth University, India is currently working on updating and maintaining the Local Authority Network. This is of importance as it strengthens communication and understanding between landlords, local authorities, and the RLA. India is working towards gathering concise and clear data from all 435 local authorities on their licencing, fees, news, events and contact details.

Before joining the RLA India worked at Martin and Co Lettings Agent in her home town of Derby, the Welsh Assembly, and her local MP, alongside helping her parents run the family buy-to-let business.

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