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Failing courts need urgent reform argue landlords

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

New figures showing that landlords face a growing amount of time in getting judgement on repossession cases from the courts are boosting calls for the urgent need for dedicated housing courts to be established.

Government statistics published today show that it now takes private landlords an average of 22.6 weeks from making a claim to the courts for a property to be repossessed to it actually happening, up from 22.5 weeks in the second quarter of the year. This is the third quarterly increase in a row.

Responding to this, David Smith, Policy Director for the RLA said:

“The courts are failing both landlords and tenants. A systematic programme of court closures, coupled with cuts to the court budgets have made it harder for anyone in the private rented sector to get justice in a timely way where something goes wrong.

“With all parties wanting to develop longer tenancies in the rental market, this will only work if landlords can swiftly and easily repossess properties through the court in legitimate circumstances. A failure to achieve this will make such tenancies a pipe dream. We are calling on all parties in the election to pledge to establish a dedicated housing court that can bring rapid justice for landlords and tenants.”

RLA General Election asks

One the RLA’s six asks in the upcoming General Election is around improving justice for tenants and landlords. One of the things the RLA is calling for is a properly funded, specialised Housing Court, to speed up access to justice when things go wrong for both tenants and landlords.

Read more about the RLA’s upcoming asks here.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

Victoria is the Communications Officer for the RLA.

She is responsible for producing articles for our Campaigns and News Centre, the weekly E-News newsletter and media review, and creating social media content. She also contributes to our members magazine, Residential Property Investor.

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