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Flood affected landlords: Get in touch

Written by RLA

Have you been affected by flooding? The RLA wants to hear your experiences…

Are you a landlord that has been affected by flooding? The RLA wants to hear about your experiences…

Given recent weather conditions we are interested to find landlords who are currently being affected or have been affected in the past by flooding or the risk of flooding. The RLA is committed to providing members and the wider private renting sector audience the tools to deliver the best services possible, even in the face of significant damage and risk to property. Understanding this, the RLA would like to make a request for stories of landlords who have been affected by flooding.

We need to know information like:

  • Locality;
  • The estimated cost of the damage;
  • What support has been provided by emergency services and local authorities;
  • What support has been provided by your insurance company?
  • Can you find insurance?
  • How many times, say in the last five years, have you been flooded? How has this affected your costs?

The RLA’s greatest strength comes from the size of membership and quality of people that make its numbers. The RLA Policy and Communications team has benefitted time and again from engagement from RLA members. Your experiences and anecdotes could help other members and feed into the services and campaigning that the RLA works tirelessly at to improve tools at your disposal. Rest assured, any stories submitted will be dealt with the strictest confidence and only ever used in a public sphere with your permission.

Get in touch now!

To respond, please email in to campaigns@rla.org.uk with your experiences.

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The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) represents the interests of landlords in the private rented sector (PRS) across England and Wales. With over 23,000 subscribing members, and an additional 16,000 registered guests who engage regularly with the association, we are the leading voice of private landlords. Combined, they manage almost half a million properties.

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  • While I have not been affected directly I had occasion to help Khalsa aid help the flood areas

    Householders we met seem to be confronting a double trouble

    If flooded their insurance goes out of the roof and the property depreciates

    I feel if the Insurability could be retained so would the market price

    Rain is nobodies fault so we as a society should shoulder the burden too

    Flood defences should be incorporated and also organisation to cope with such events


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