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Forum Spotlight: Black mould in bedroom

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

A landlord recently posted on our Forum with an issue around mould in one of their rental properties. The landlords’ tenant had sent them an email saying that there is black mould on the wall of her bedroom.

The tenant in question had said that this mould could cause her respiratory problems and because of this she wants it fixed quickly. She also mentioned that the black mould has grown on her bedding, and that it was now ruined.

The tenant thinks that the mould is the landlords’ fault, and that he should compensate her for the damage to her bedding. This is the first time that the tenants has mentioned mould in her bedroom, and he wanted to know what steps he should take next.

The answer

The first member to post on our forum mentioned that they were in a similar situation, and they suggested that the best thing for this landlord to do initially would be to go to the property and inspect the problem for himself.

The member suggested that it could be lack of heating and ventilation in the property that is causing the mould problem in her bedroom, or it could be the landlords’ lack of insulation and heating system.

Other members that joined in with the Forum thread agreed with this member, saying that the issue needed to be investigated further first of all.

One member pointed out that the most common cause of damp and mould in properties in their experience is down to the lifestyle of the tenant, for example drying clothes indoors.

Response from our Landlord Advice Team

An adviser in our advice team then joined the conversation, and was able to clarify what other landlords had suggested-that liability needs to be established first. The cause of the mould could be down to a number of reasons, from the tenants lifestyle to things like placing furniture too close.

Our advisor suggested that the landlord should instruct a specialist to establish the cause of the mould, and to take it from there.

What happened next

The member thanked the forum users and our Landlord Advice Team for the helpful replies on the post.

The member said that this tenant had only been in the property for a month and he was not able to check the room when this tenant had moved in. However, the landlord had carried out inspections of the property and room when the previous tenant was in situ, and had never received any complaints around this issue before. The landlord decided to take our members’ advice, and had arranged to inspect the property to check out the issue for themselves next week.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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