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Forum Spotlight: How to take better photographs to advertise your property

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

A high quality photograph can make all the difference when it comes to securing those all important viewings.

This week’s forum spotlight focuses on a landlord who wanted to know how he could do a better job of photographing his rental properties.

The landlord has the view that an appealing photograph is the difference between the number of tenants who get in touch about an advert.

He wanted to hear some tips from other landlords about the best way to present his property in photographs, after it had been suggested to him that the photographs he currently uses could be putting potential tenants off.

As usual on our forum, our members were quick to offer this landlord their experiences of what makes an outstanding photo. Here is a round up of the top tips they suggested.

1. Use the right technology

Make sure you use a quality camera, writes one of our members.

If you’re planning to take the pictures yourself, you don’t necessarily have to invest in new technology, the member in this case uses their Ipad.

Another forum poster suggested that the landlord should be using a camera that has a wide angle lens, as this can make all the difference to the quality of a photograph.

Computer software can also be used to touch up photos to make them brighter. This can especially useful when there is a window in shot, as windows can to make everything else in the picture look pretty gloomy.

 2. If possible, avoid photographing current tenants’ belongings

Making the property seem ‘lived in’ is a good thing, writes another forum poster, but photographs full of current tenants’ personal clutter could be off putting. Not to mention as a landlord, you’d have to get permission from the tenants for this anyway.

Aim to strike a balance between cluttered and stark and you won’t go far wrong. Which brings us nicely on to the third suggestion.

3. Use props-even when advertising an UNFURNISHED property

Some forum users suggested it would be better if advertising an ‘unfurnished’ property that the rooms should be left as the prospective would find them when they move in i.e. empty, another poster, who said they normally let out unfurnished rooms, said that when it comes to marketing this type of room it still helps to furnish the property somewhat. This is so that a prospective tenant can picture how their things will look in the room.

They wrote: “We let unfurnished but I have a set of props that I use: a big red clock, red bowl, red towel, red mugs etc to put in the kitchen (I also have a blue set!), and blue towels, soap bottles etc for the bathroom. It definitely makes a difference to each property, and makes the properties look more like a show home”

4.Don’t forget the simple things

When taking the perfect photo, making sure floors are vacuumed and surfaces are dusted/polished can go a long way to making sure the property looks  desirable.

 5. Check out the competition

This one is pretty self explanatory, but spending time putting yourself in a prospective tenants shoes and checking out what landlords or letting agents in a similar area or with similar properties are doing, can be very useful, writes one forum user.

6.  Follow up emails of interest with more pictures

Finally, for those that do send an email expressing an interest in the property, you should follow up with them by sending 30 more pictures of the property, posts one user.

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Victoria Barker

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