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Forum Spotlight: New home, same tenant. Do I carry out Right to Rent check?

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

A landlord posted in our Forum recently with a question about carrying out a Right to Rent check on a tenant who had been living in her property for seven months.

Right to Rent is on the agenda at our Future Renting North conference in two weeks time, with the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants due to speak on the subject, and why a legal challenge has been mounted.

The situation

The landlord had an excellent tenant who was staying in her studio flat. However, it was highly likely that the tenant was going to be moving accommodation, to a one bed flat owned by the same landlords.

She wanted to know whether she should do another Right to Rent check on the tenant. The last check had been done in September, and the landlord wanted to know if she could rely on the same paperwork or not.

She was already planning on re-checking the tenants finances, as well as sorting out the deposit.

What our landlords said

A regular Forum user was first to respond to the question. He shared that in his experience, Right to Rent checks refer to a person in connection with a property, so he’d suggest because the property is different, the landlord should start afresh and do a new Right to Rent check on the tenant.

Another landlord agreed with this, saying that a Right to Rent check needs to be done again. They shared a recent experience where in a two bedroom property, the original tenant had moved out, so the remaining tenant moved in their boyfriend. When this happened, a new AST was issued, and all the usual initial checks including Right to Rent and references were done all over again.

The question posted thanked those who responded to the thread, and agreed that it is probably the best option for her to do another Right to Rent check on her tenant.

Learn more
  • You can read the original Forum post here
  • Right to Rent checks now carries criminal penalties for non-compliance, are you doing them correctly? Check out our eLearning course, now just £19.20 for members and £24 for non-members.


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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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