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Forum Spotlight-Providing tenants with fans during heatwave

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

This week is set to be a scorcher for the UK, with a heatwave already bringing temperatures of 30 degrees in some parts of London on Monday.

This week’s Forum Spotlight is all about keeping tenants cool when the mercury starts to rise. A landlord posted in our Forum a question about providing his tenants with fans.

He said that during a recent heatwave, his tenant had requested a fan because the property was too hot, however he did not have one that he was able to provide. He wanted to know whether he was obliged to supply a fan.

What landlords on our Forum thought

The first landlord to reply to the post began by pointing out that in a heatwave, most properties are too hot. They suggested that rather than providing fans, this landlord advised the tenants to keep the curtains and the blinds closed during the daytime, to keep rooms cool, and to keep windows shut so as to not let the hot air inside the property.

Another landlord suggested that they could get air conditioning installed in the property, to make sure the property is well ventilated for future heatwaves. Several landlords said that they had installed air conditioning in their properties and that it had made a big difference.

One landlord shared that they had found that installing a good ventilation system not only helped to keep the property cool during the summer months, but this can also help fix issues such as mould, that could occur behind fixed units due to lack of ventilation in the room.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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