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Forum Spotlight: Responsibility for changing non-standard light fittings

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

A member posted on our Forum recently with a query about whether he is responsible for changing the bulbs in several non-standard light fittings in a property that he lets out.

The property has flush fitting lights rather than standard bulb holders.

The issue was that two bulbs had gone, and the tenant at the property had told the landlord that he was struggling to change them.

All of the bulbs at the property were noted as working at the start of the tenancy.

It looked as though an electrician would have to be called in order to change the light bulbs, and the landlord wanted to know whether it was his responsibility or his tenant’s to pay for an electrician to come to the property and change the light bulb.

Response from the Landlord Advice Team

An advisor from our Landlord Advice Team was able to respond quickly to the members’ query, by saying that the light bulb is the responsibility of the tenant to change.

Another member also replied on the thread, stating that it would make sense for the landlord in future to demonstrate once to the tenant how they would change the light bulb.

Another member also suggested that in future the landlord may want to consider installing more standard light fittings in the property in future, as this would make it easier for tenants in the long run.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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  • If the property is a new build it will have fitting that is none standard due to building regs (energy efficient). These bulbs are not easy to get hold of. Change the fitting to stop this reoccurring.

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