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Forum Spotlight: Tenant has asked for permission to get a cat

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

This week’s Forum Spotlight looks at the issue of pets in properties.

A member posted in our Forum this week with a question about whether they should allow their tenant to have a cat in the rental property. They explained that the current tenancy agreement specifically states that there should be no animals in the property.

However, this landlord said that the tenants are responsible, and she would be happy to allow them to have a pet as they are asking. They also wanted to know whether they needed to let the deposit protection scheme they were with know.

Response from our Forum

The first landlord to respond to the members question began by asking the landlord to have a property think about whether they should allow pets into the property in the first place. They shared that in their experience, cats can cause damage to carpets (for example through urinating on them) which would then require the carpets to be replaced at the end of the tenancy.

This members also shared that it may be wise for this landlord to ask for an additional (non-returnable) deposit from the tenants who want to have a cat, and this would cover specific cleaning at the end of the tenancy, should this be required. But overall, this landlord said that they would say no to the tenants’ request.

Another landlord also responded to the question, by agreeing with the first landlord and saying that they also wouldn’t allow the tenants to have pets, adding that they can stain floorboards and some scratch furniture and woodwork.

Another landlord on the Forum disagreed with this, and said that they do agree with allowing tenants to have pets, and the landlord should have a pet agreement as an addendum to the tenancy agreement. They said that they haven’t had too many problems with pets, and pointed out that if tenants are allowed pets that in their experience stay longer because the property feels more like their home.

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Read the original Forum Post here.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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