Future Renting North: Focus on legislation

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

The RLA’s Future Renting North conference has taken off.

Today’s event at the Concorde Conference Centre in Manchester has welcomed 200 landlords – all keen to find out more about what the future holds for the sector.

RLA Vice Chair Douglas Haig introduced the north as an exciting place to be a landlord – with the cities regularly making the top ten lists when it comes to the best places to invest.

BBC breakfast favourite Louise Minchin has introduced the panel looking at new legislation being introduced this year.

Featuring landlord and tenant law expert David Smith, the RLA’s policy director, property expert Kate Faulkner and City Energy’s David Richards, the panel will run through all the up and coming changes including:

As well as additional proposals, including:

  • existing consultations and proposals
  • agent regulation
  • redress scheme for landlords
  • changes to MEES which will see landlords have to pay up to £2,500
  • making the rogue landlord database public
  • housing court

The RLA is still fighting on Mortgage Interest Relief – however David stressed that the treasury has told the RLA in no uncertain terms that they will not move on the issue.

He told the conference: “The Treasury still takes the view that landlords have a lot of money and they are determined to take as much of it as they can.”

Other issues the RLA is actively campaigning on are:

  • Right to Rent – with the RLA currently intervening in two judicial reviews seeking to limit or end this
  • the introduction of a housing court
  • landlord redress schemes
  • MEES
  • local licensing schemes
  • gas safety issues with section 21 notices

Kate Faulkner joined the debate – taking about the challenges of communicating legislative change to landlords.

She said: “If a law is being produced, I want to see a fund to increase awareness and I want to see a massive fund to enforce it, otherwise what is the point.”

She added: “It is almost impossible to keep up – and the enforcement’s pathetic. Hardly an agent or a landlord has been prosecuted under all these new laws we can see coming in.

She also advised the audience to join the RLA to get the help they need and to get a property property tax expert to protect them and closing by telling them: “If you want to be a good landlord don’t do the minimum – give them the best condition property you can and charge a fair rent for it”, adding; “if your tenants are facing problems do everything you can to help them. That it what good customer service is and that is what we should be doing.”

David Richards then ran through the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, and the work City Energy is doing to bring properties up to standard.


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  • Don’t the treasury realise that when landlords sell up due to mortgage interest tax relief changes that foreign money is buying the properties they are selling? And that the new owners are more likely to be paying tax in a haven country rather than here?
    The incompetence of the current batch of legislators is breathtaking!

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