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Gas Safety Week is drawing to a close, but are you and your tenants protected?..

Gas Safety Week is drawing to a close, but are you and your tenants protected?

The Gas Safe Register is the leading authority on gas safety for properties within the UK and is the key champion of ‘Gas Safety Week’ running from September 16th through to the 22nd.

Over 21 million of homes across the UK use gas for heating, cooking, and hot water but only consider the health of our systems when the showers run cold.

It is crucially important that gas systems are periodically checked and as a landlord responsibility is in your hands to ensure your tenants can have peace of mind. In worse case scenarios a gas leak can lead to illness, explosions and death.

Obviously cases of death are extreme and thankfully rare; however carbon monoxide poisoning affects thousands of people a year. Coupled with the face carbon monoxide is odourless, tasteless, and you can’t see it, there is a real danger you are putting yourself or tenants at risk if you do not conduct regular gas safety checks.

The RLA provides a ‘Gas, Electrical and Fire Safety Course’ to give landlords and letting agents the facts when it comes to safeguarding properties and tenants.

The Gas Safety Register has provided some top tips to ensure that you are safe at home or work, some of their top tips are:

  • Always use a gas safe registered engineer to fit, fix and service gas appliances in your home – it’s the law and will keep you safe.
  • Have all your gas appliances safety checked every year
  • Have audible carbon monoxide alarms and make sure it is located near to your gas appliances
  • Only use gas appliances for their intended purposes

Gas safety is an important topic at all times. Ensuring that you are protecting your properties and tenants should be a top priority and the RLA are keen to provide you with the skills and tools to do so at a high level of capability.

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