General Election 2017

RLA General Election 2017 Manifesto

We have launched our 2017 Manifesto in response to the snap election: ‘A Rental Market that Works For All – A Manifesto for the Private Rented Sector’

This manifesto sets out coherent proposals to improve the private rented sector for both landlords and tenants and we are calling on the political parties to support the growing private rented sector as it works to meet unprecedented demand.

The RLA’s 6 Achievable Priorities For Making Renting Better

  1. Boost the supply of new homes by bringing unused land and empty properties into use for private rental homes, coupled with positive taxation policies that promote growth.
  2. Establish a new specialist housing court to deliver quick and cost effective justice to help landlords and tenants to enforce their rights.
  3. A fairer approach to welfare reform for landlords and tenants, giving tenants claiming Universal Credit the choice of having rent paid direct to their landlord, and speeding up the claim process.
  4. Effective enforcement against criminal landlords through guaranteed long-term funding for local authorities, backed by a system of co-regulation for the majority of law-abiding landlords.
  5. Support landlords to improve energy efficiency in private rental homes for the benefit of tenants and the environment.
  6. Create a new deposit trust for tenants enabling them to transfer deposits seamlessly between tenancies.
Please download our full manifesto or manifesto sheet below.