Government publishes post-Grenfell building safety plan

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

Tougher sanctions for those who disregard residents’ safety, more rigorous standards and guidance for those undertaking building work, and a stronger voice for residents are part of government plans to improve safety post-Grenfell.

It has also launched a call for evidence inviting views on how residents and landlords/building managers can work together regarding fire and structural safety and good practice on how residents are supported to each play a part in meeting their responsibilities

The government is creating what it argues is a ‘stronger andmore effective regulatory framework’ to improve building safety, with the Building a Safer Future plan outlining how it will implement the recommendations made by Dame Judith Hackitt in her review of building regulations and fire safety following the tragic blaze.

Building a Safer Future, commits the government to a programme of reform over the coming years which will:

  • Take forward all the recommendations in the Hackitt review.
  • Create a more effective regulatory and accountability framework to provide greater oversight of the industry.
  • Introduce clearer standards and guidance,including establishing a new Standards Committee to advise on construction product and system standards and regulations.
  • Put residents at the heart of the new system of building safety, empowering them with more effective routes for engagement and redress.
  • Help to create a culture change and a more responsible building industry, from design, through to construction and management.

The government will also establish a Joint Regulators’ Group to trial elements of a new regulatory system ahead of any new proposed legislation.

The group will bring existing regulatory bodies together to work with developers and building owners, as well as seeking input from residents and tenants, to develop and test new approaches that may later feature in legislation.

In addition to setting out its plans to implement the changes called for by Dame Judith Hackitt, a full review of fire safety guidance within building regulations has also been launched.

The government has issued a call for evidence that will gather expert advice on the full range of fire safety issues to enable guidance to be revised.

The government is also inviting views from residents and those who manage buildings on how to improve fire and structural safety. Residents and building owners are invited to identify the best ways of working together to meet safety responsibilities and to share existing good practice.

  • In addition to the new guidance the RLA is now offering online and classroom fire safety training courses which cover:
  • The different legislation relating to fire safety.
  • The different building/property types and which pieces of the above legislation apply
  • How to conduct fire risk assessments and protect both your tenants and your property from fire
  • Practical tips on fire safety and with reference to the LACORS fire safety guide.

For more information on our training coursesclick here.

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