Government launches English private landlord survey 2018

Written by Shane Brownie

The newly created Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has launched a survey asking PRS landlords about the homes they provide, their tenants and their experiences.

It will be talking to more than 100,000 landlords and agents, so it is likely a number of you will be contacted.

The invitation-only survey is the first time the Government has approached landlords directly and asked them to share their experiences in almost 10 years – so if you get an invitation to participate  we would urge you to accept it.

Here Shane Brownie managing director and founder of Muttonbird Research –  a consultancy specialising in housing issues and one of the consortium of partners working on the project, explains the Government plans.


More people are living in the private rented sector than ever before. This makes it even more important that we understand more about private landlords and the homes they provide.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, together with their partners at NatCen Social Research, is running a nationwide survey to gather information from private landlords and letting agents in England.

The survey asks questions about landlords, their agents, the kind of properties they let, the people they let to, the problems they might encounter, and how legislative changes might impact on landlords and their businesses.

The information collected will be used by the government to gain a more thorough and accurate understanding of the private rented sector to inform future government policy.

The survey runs for six weeks over this March and April, with landlords and agents being chosen randomly to take part.

If you receive a letter or email from your Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme inviting you to participate, please do so.  This is your opportunity to have your say and help inform future government policy for the private rented sector.

You can find more information about the survey here.

About the author

Shane Brownie

Shane Brownie is the managing director and founder of Muttonbird Research - a research consultancy providing research and analytical services for the housing association and wider housing sectors.
Shane is the former head of research and analysis at the National Housing Federation (NHF) and has over 20 years experience working as an applied social researcher and economist in government and in housing association and housing sector. Shane is current the manager of the government's English Private Landlord Survey 2018.
Shane is a blogger on housing and planning issues, is active on twitter and can be found @shane_brownie.

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