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Green Deal funding for seven cities announced

Written by RLA

£12m fund for Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. Cash back scheme for Birmingham and Wales also announced. Providers to offer plans from 28th January 2013 onwards…

£12m fund for Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Cash back scheme for Birmingham and Wales also announced.

Providers to offer plans from 28th January 2013 onwards.

Seven cities across England will receive part of a £12 million fund to help them give the Green Deal a kick start in their city regions.  They cities are Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield.

The funding will support each local authority’s plans to test key elements of the Green Deal.  It will be an opportunity to try out elements of the Green Deal Framework such as the assessment procedures and installation work.  The intention is to provide early feedback.  Work will include retro fitting properties across communities.  Overall, the intention is to provide around 2,500 retro fits both to domestic and non domestic properties.

Each of the cities is going to generate match funding or provide this support themselves.

The Government has also announced the launch of the Green Deal Cash Back Scheme.  This is a ‘first-come-first-served’ offer under which householders can claim cash back from the Government on energy saving improvements.  This will include items such as insulation, replacement front doors, double glazed windows and boilers.

These packages could be worth over £1,000 as the more work you do the more work you get.   The scheme will be available from 28th January 2013 for households inBirminghamandWales.

This cash back scheme will only be available to householders who get a Green Deal assessment done and have work arranged through a Green Deal provider and make a financial contribution to the cost.

This is a limited offer and will run out once the funds have been exhausted.  Green Deal providers can encourage their customers to get Green Deal assessments done early so that when the scheme opens customers are ready to get approval for their cash back.  Cash back vouchers will be given before the work starts.

£40 million will be available in the first instance but after this the amount of the cash back available may reduce. The scheme is available to private landlords who rent out in the private rented sector.

In the meantime, Green Deal providers will be offering plans from 28th January 2013, it has been confirmed. Energy minister, Gregory Barker MP, recently announced the date in the Commons.

In response to questioning from Nick Smith MP, Mr. Barker stated, “Green Deal providers, who are responsible for arranging finance for their Green Deal offers, will be able to offer Green Deal plans to consumers from 28 January 2013.

“My officials have been working with representative market players—including electricity suppliers, prospective Green Deal providers, and financiers—to undertake robust, end-to-end testing of the Green Deal framework. This testing has the objective of ensuring that the systems and processes behind the Green Deal function as intended, providing assurance that key market players will themselves be able to interact with and operate Green Deal systems and processes, and that the marketplace offers a user- and consumer-friendly experience from day one.”

Read Gregory Barker’s comments in full.

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