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Halloween 2018: Clearing up cobwebs

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

This Halloween, we have put together a fun series of content looking at some spooky issues relating to your lettings. You can check out some more of our Halloween-themed pieces here.

In this piece, we take a look at a post that a landlord posted on our Forum a few months ago, relating to the sticky situation of cobwebs in their property.

The situation

The member said that their future tenant had asked them to clean the oven in the property, and clear up some cobwebs behind the wardrobe, before they move in.

This landlord knew that once the tenancy commences, clearing up the cobwebs would fall under ‘tenant like manner’, meaning that the tenant would be expected to clear these up themselves.

However, the landlord wanted to know whether it was their responsibility to clear the cobwebs up before the tenant moves in, or not.

The suggestions from landlords on our Forum

This question really had landlords talking on our Forum.

One landlord began by saying that if they were this landlords, they would definitely clear up the cobwebs before the tenant moves in. The means the new tenant would be provided with a new tenant with a clean room or flat before they move in, so that the inventory can state that the property was in a clean condition when the tenant moved in.

Another landlord on the Forum agreed with this, and said they would start a tenancy with a clean house because this sets an expectation of how they’d wish for the property to be treated.

Another landlord suggested that they would enlist the help of a professional cleaner at the start of the tenancy, but it should be for the landlord to clear up the cobwebs.

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  • Read the original Forum post here
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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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