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“No plans” to open housing market in Wales yet says First Minister

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

This week the UK Government announced that people in England will be able to move in and out of properties, providing social distancing measures are followed due to coronavirus.

However, the rules in Wales remain unchanged for the moment.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020) state that people can move house but only where the move cannot be postponed.

In a statement on Wednesday afternoon, First Minister Mark Drakeford MS provided an update on the Welsh Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the Welsh Government’s exit strategy will hopefully be made public on Friday, adding that there are currently “no plans” to replicate in Wales the measures which have been introduced in respect of the housing market in England.

The Plenary session can watched again here:

To read more about changes in England on moving in and out of properties, and carrying out viewings, read the NRLA’s updated guidance here.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

Victoria is the Communications Officer for the RLA.

She is responsible for producing articles for our Campaigns and News Centre, the weekly E-News newsletter and media review, and creating social media content. She also contributes to our members magazine, Residential Property Investor.


  • I expect if Mark Drakeford was stranded in limbo trying to move house, there might be some thought for the 100s of people who have got to watch their mates in England crack on with their moves, but hey ho let’s make sure we show Boris Welsh politics would rather ruin people’s business than be seen to do what Westminster says. Diolch yn fawr Boyo.

    • We cracked on with our sale only to be left homeless as couldn’t do anything about purchase in Wales.
      Not sure what the politics are behind this – but they are certainly doing lot of damage to how Wales is viewed.

  • Hi there. We are waiting with bated breath to move from our house in Swansea to a new home in Pembrokeshire. Things are ready for completion and we are nervous about losing our buyers, and therefore our new home. We are both keyworkers and are keen to move soon. Are we almost at a point where the Senedd are about to ease the rules?


  • I am in England and completed on our sale two weeks ago – we want to move to Wales, but the situation is absolutely stupid. We could get in car, drive to viewing, socially distance at the property and drive home again – without coming anywhere near anyone! We would have less contact with anyone in Wales than someone living there. Then if we liked property could get on with the sales process from England by which time we might be able to actually move in.
    The frustration and additional costs (Storage, rent etc) this is causing is ridiculous – now seriously considering just looking elsewhere which is crying shame as we love Wales and always wanted to move there.

    • Ive just lost my sale because i live in wales i sold my house just has lockdown came iasked mps could i still move they said has long has i was going to ancempty house i was ok but the lady who was buying mine lives in england her solicitor was really slow so because of that ive lost my sale ive put it back 9n market now if mark drackford doesnt move soon the houseing market will be in a mess

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