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How to: Care for your decking

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

The recent hot weather means that many tenants will be looking forward to spending time outdoors. Whether you have a yard or a garden, it is important that it is safe for your tenants to use.

In this ‘How to’ series, thanks to the RLA’s partnership with Tradepoint, we take a look at how to do some common maintenance jobs in your property. Here, we look at how to make sure your decking is safe. Don’t forget, RLA members can receive a free Tradepoint discount card, entitling them to discounts at B & Q-from kitchens to gardens, find out more here.

In hot weather, decking can sometimes become brittle and even break in some places, while in winter the icy conditions can cause moisture to seep into decking boards, which can lead to problewms around the screws called ‘mushrooming’.

That’s why it is so important to inspect your decking to make sure it is safe for your tenants to use.

Make sure you sweep the decking to remove any debris and check to see the decking isn’t uneven. For more tips on keeping your decking maintained, watch the video below.

Some apartment balconies are also made of wood, and so also need to be maintained for the same reasons as well, as you don’t want tenants to have accidents. It is advisable to remind your tenants to report such issues to you as soon as they notice them so that you can repair any problems sooner rather than later, to help stop the problem getting worse.

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Victoria Barker

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