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How to: Keep your property secure if your tenants go on holiday

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

With holiday season round the corner, it is a good idea to think about how you can make sure your property is secure while your tenants are away on holidays.

With the majority of burglaries taking place when no one is at home, here’s what you can do to make sure your property is safe.

  1. Speak to your tenants. There are several simple things that your tenants can do to make it look like the property is occupied while they are away on holiday. This includes asking a neighbour to push the post through, and to put the bin out/in on bin day. Your tenants may also want to ask a neighbour if they’d like to leave their car on your driveway. You could even ask tenants to cancel newspaper deliveries if they are going to be away for a long time.
  2. Internal lights on a timer Internal lights are a great way to make it look like someone is in the property.
    Another way to make it appear as though someone is in the property is to angle the blinds.
  3. Mow the grass before your tenants go away This should be done regardless of whether your tenants are going on holiday, but in general overgrown grass and unkempt front gardens can give the impression that a house is vacant.
  4. Consider installing security lights and ensure all locks are working You may want to consider installing security lights at the property, and if you have a burglar alarm, make sure your tenants know how to use it (and make sure you know the code)
    As a landlord it is a good idea to  ensure all locks are working and that tenants have keys to window locks and know they should use them. It sounds obvious-but make sure tenants lock up the whole property before heading on their holidays.

What to do if you’re planning on going on holiday

If you’re also planning on going away on holiday, the first thing to do would be to let your tenants know. Give them the dates you will be away and details of another point of contact, and put this in writing.

You probably don’t want to spend your holidays glued to your phone, so it makes sense to ask someone to keep an eye on the property while you are away, and ask a trusted friend or relative to be a point of contact for your tenants when you’re away.

It makes sense to make sure there will be no change of tenancy during this period.

Your trusted contact should be provided with the following details:

  • Spare keys to doors, windows, sheds and garages
  • A list of your usual handymen and contractors, in case these are needed while you’re away
  • An emergency fund, to pay for any urgent repairs
  • Your own contact details, in case of an emergency and the point of contact needs to get hold of you.

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

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