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Important: How to Rent guide updated

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

The Government published an updated version of the How to Rent guide on Friday 31st May.

Landlords (in England only) entering into tenancies have to give this new version to their tenants, or they are leaving themselves at risk, with Section 21 notices not valid unless the correct How to Rent guide has been provided to the tenant.

This applies whether it is a new tenancy or a renewal and also includes any tenancies that become statutory periodic tenancies on or after this date.

Tenant Fees Act

The update reflect the Tenant Fees Act that came into force on Saturday. This Act bans landlords and agents from being able to charge a number of fees in England for new tenancies signed on or after 1st June 2019.

Initially, the Tenant Fees Act only applies to new tenancies and renewals of tenancies, excluding statutory and contractual periodic tenancies that arise after 1st June 2019. However after one year, in 2020, the ban will attach to pre-existing tenancies.

How to Rent guide

The How to Rent booklet, forms the ‘prescribed information’ that landlords are required to provide their tenants. Failure to do so could even mean that landlords are unable to evict tenants using a Section 21 notice.

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Victoria Barker

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