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Testimonial Thursday: How we helped one landlord overcome a ‘nightmare’ situation

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

It’s every landlords worst nightmare. Getting the keys back from an outgoing tenant, only to discover that the tenant has left the property in a state.

In this article, we take a look at a recent call from London based landlord Helen Romero, who was desperate to speak to an advisor, after her property was left in a terrible state by some tenants who had just left. Helen uses an agent to manage the property, and they were refusing to assist her clear it up.

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Helen Romero, landlord

Helen has been a landlord for five and a half years, and in that time, she has never experienced a situation quite as bad a what she discovered earlier this year at her property.

Helen first suspected there was an issue at her property, when she carried out an inspection and the tenants would not allow her to enter certain rooms in order to inspect them.

She then later discovered that the property had been completely trashed, which was made even more devastating by the fact that prior to the tenants moving in, the carpet and kitchen were brand new.

The tenants left the property in a filthy state

Helen said: “I phoned the RLA when a property of mine had been left in a terrible state after the tenants had moved out. My managing agents were initially completely refusing to help sort out the mess”.

Helen said that she spoke to Jennie about her situation.

“When I told Jennie that the managing agent was not part of a redress scheme, she informed me that this means they were operating in breach of the law-something I was initially unaware of”.

“Jennie was so understanding and knowledgeable. She advised me on what I should say and what to do next. I was then able to confidently approach the agents about this, and I finally managed to get the managing agent to agree to pay for all the damages caused by the tenants.”

Thankfully for Helen, the property is now in the process of being put back the way it was, and Helen is looking forward to redecorating the property herself in a few weeks time. Happy with the advice she received, Helen left a review on TrustPilot about her experience.

Do you have a positive experience like Helen’s that you would like to share? Please leave a comment below!

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Victoria Barker

Victoria Barker

Victoria is the Communications Officer for the RLA.

She is responsible for producing articles for our Campaigns and News Centre, the weekly E-News newsletter and media review, and creating social media content. She also contributes to our members magazine, Residential Property Investor.

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