Immigration Minister resigns

Written by RLA

MP Mark Harper has resigned his post as Immigration Minister after his cleaner was found to be living and working illegally in the UK.

The minister was responsible for piloting the Immigration Bill through parliament, which would require landlords to check tenants’ right to rent. Failure to check would result in fines and potentially criminal convictions.

The minister’s demise highlights the difficulty and complexity involved with immigration. Despite checking his cleaner’s status, the minister was deceived by false documents. Compelling a landlord to take on rigorous checks and legal responsibility is simply unfair and unnecessary says the RLA.

For student landlords, the university should provide evidence of their right to live and study in the UK, says the RLA.

No a backbencher, Mr Harper wrote to the Prime Minister and Downing Street (click to view on Government website) saying: “In retrospect, I should have checked more thoroughly.”

The RLA has been lobbying Government to simplify immigration checks for landlords, you can view details on the RLA Landlord News Hub.

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