Jenrick silent on PRS in conference speech

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

Anyone watching Robert Jenrick at the Conservative Conference hoping for news on the PRS would be sadly disappointed – or could it be no news is good news?

The Housing Secretary told the party conference in Manchester there was a need to build new homes ‘of all tenures’ and outlined a four-point plan for housing.

He promised:

  • To promote home ownership
  • To reform ‘outdated and contradictory’ planning system
  • That no new homes from 2025 will be built without low carbon heating and the highest levels of energy efficiency 
  • That new homes will be well designed – with the introduction of the first national design guide 

He spoke of homeownership bringing security, dignity and independence”, going on to pledge to “redouble” efforts to boost ownership.

Addressing the conference, he said: “I will address the challenges of my generation, building the homes our country needs and the ownership society our party has always stood for.”

He outlined plans allowing housing association tenants the right to shared ownership of their homes and proposals to allow families to build up to two storeys onto their home without planning permission.

To read the speech in full click here.

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