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Labour Party Conference: What can we expect?

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

All the indications are that this year’s Labour Party Conference in Liverpool is set to be an introspective affair.

It is thought a whole day will be devoted to internal party politics and constitutional amendments – as well as prolonged debate on the party’s attitude to a second Brexit referendum, which alone has attracted over 100 motions.

In total more than 300 motions have been submitted for the conference, on issues including Universal Credit and social housing construction.

Welfare reform is expected to be addressed – but the question, as always, would be how they would fund further investment, particularly post-Brexit.

Whether there will be more announcements on what the party would have in store for landlords should they be elected next year, only time will tell.

However there is no doubt the leader’s speech will address housing.

At last year’s conference Jeremy Corbyn announced plans to introduce rent controls across UK cities were the party to come into power.

The RLA has long objected to such controls, which it believes would be a disaster for tenants – experience showing they stifle investment and reduce supply; ultimately making it much more difficult for tenants to find somewhere decent to live.

In last year’s speech he also announced Labour plans for a review of social housing policy – promising a ‘radical programme of action’ to bring to the 2018 conference.

He also said the party would tackle undeveloped land held by developers, who would be told to ‘use it or lose it’.

Watch this space – and our social media channels – for breaking news from the conference as and when it happens, with the RLA policy team in Liverpool throughout the four day event. #Lab18

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Sally Walmsley

Sally Walmsley

Sally Walmsley is the Magazine and Digital Editor for the NRLA. With 20 years’ experience writing for regional and national newspapers and magazines she is responsible for editing our members' magazine 'Property', producing our articles for our news site, the weekly and monthly bulletins and editorial content for our media partners.

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