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Labour’s PRS consultation: What do you think?

Written by RLA

The Labour Party is currently consulting on its policy paper about the future of housing and the private rented sector, and the RLA is keen to hear what you think…

The Labour Party is currently consulting on its policy paper about the future of housing and the private rented sector, and the RLA is keen to hear what you think.

Labour’s six-page paper – ‘The Housing Crisis: House building and a private rented sector that works for Britain’s families’ – aims to mould party policy in the lead up to the next General Election, and the RLA is currently drafting its response.

The paper covers the two specific areas of house building and the private rented sector, and presents a number of options for policy development.

In order to present the best response possible, the RLA needs your views on Labour’s proposals. We would be very grateful if you could therefore do the following:

  1. Read the guide to the Labour Party’s proposals for the private rented sector (December 2012).
  2. Read Labour’s policy paper, ‘The Housing Crisis: House building and a private rented sector that works for Britain’s families’ (March 2013).
  3. Complete the RLA’s Labour Party private rented sector survey.


Closing date

Please complete the RLA’s survey by the 20th May 2013.

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The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) represents the interests of landlords in the private rented sector (PRS) across England and Wales. With over 23,000 subscribing members, and an additional 16,000 registered guests who engage regularly with the association, we are the leading voice of private landlords. Combined, they manage almost half a million properties.


  • If the Labour party don’t like landlords, let them give us tax breaks (CGT) to sell up.

    Much of the language coming out from Labour supporters is offensive. On the one hand their supporters complain some landlord don’t take on tenants with housing benefit then on the other they are callling housing benefit has ‘landlord benefit’. It seems Labour wants to go back in time when families were put up in B&B and hostels. Now they can be relocated miles away.

    We have rent regulation by the back door, with the LHA rate have been frozen and then going up by 1% per year.

    Councils don’t support landlord when our properties get trashed. The Deposit scheme is not respected by tenants, who often cancel the last rental payment. So what incenstive is there to look after the property?. If they want to improve the PRS, support landlords, to stop ‘bad tenant’ runining the property for other tenants.

    Labour encouraged immigration and we have an open border policy with the EU. Somehow, we our supposed to be blamed for housing shortage.

    Rather then licensing, they should ensure there is a national accredition. Either landlord of the letting agent is acredidated. Currently, each council has its own littel scheme….

  • its not often that I would comment but having just read the comment from another landlord i felt obliged to.
    why does a landlord after three years of a coalition government seek to write all his/her prejudices down re the labour party?
    The RLA has quite reasonably asked for comments on certain discussion documents that might be implemented at some point. i for one will do what is requested, rather than write down everything i dislike about labour!
    I trust the RLA will remain non party political. If it does not or becomes represented by people such as the previous commenter, i for one would resign immediately

  • Richard,

    Rest assured, the RLA is a non-partisan organisation. We regularly hold meetings with politicians from across the political spectrum. We also assisted in the establishment of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Private Rented Sector, which is cross-party group of politicians from both the Houses of Lords and Commons. We continue to provide the APPG with its secretariat.

    Whenever the RLA may have differences with political parties it purely be on the basis of a particular policy or comment made at that time, and is no indication of any political bias. At the same time, we appreciate our members will have their own political thoughts, and whilst we would not want to gag anybody from commenting, we do hope that in any such consultations, like this one by Labour, the feedback we receive is as objective as possible towards the issues being debated. However, politics is a subjective issue and most people will always provide some element of subjectiveness in their responses, however objective they try to be.

    RLA Campaigns

  • Having now done this i have to say that the quality of the RLA questions are very bad. if anything useful comes out of this consultation from the RLA i will be amazed.
    The issues raised re security of tenure and identifying rogues could have been significantly better. A poor effort at an RLA consultation

    • Richard,

      The questions are tailored to specifically answer the questions raised in the Labour document, and therefore need to be asked in a straightforward manner. We appreciate that some respondents will want to elaborate on their responses, hence the opportunities to leave comments within each section. All this will be coupled with previous and on-going work to provide a full and rounded response to the Labour Party’s consultation.

      RLA Campaigns

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