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How do you stack up with other landlords?

Tom Simcock
Written by Tom Simcock

We are always here working to help you in your landlord business.

Our Landlord Advice Team provide advice and support when you have problems or questions. We support you with our documents, guides and training to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and legislation. We also offer discounts on services that every landlord needs to be successful in their business, from landlord insurance to deposit protection.

Not every landlord may realise this, but we are actively lobbying on their behalf from local to national government. We are here working hard to get a fair deal for landlords. To ensure we do this successfully, we need to understand the experiences and concerns of our members. We achieve this through in-depth research, from our own internal research to the commissioning of research with different academics at Universities across the country. This enables us to present informed, robust, empirical evidence to policy makers to get the best deal for landlords and the wider private rented sector. We are always looking for landlords who can act as case studies for our different campaigns, if you would like to help us, please email us here.

A core aspect of our internal research is our quarterly surveys. We focus each of these on different themes affecting the sector. Our latest report focused on the Finance and Tax issues facing landlords and we received a huge amount of support. With nearly 3000 respondents, this makes it one of the largest surveys of landlords ever conducted. Your help and support with these surveys are crucial to our success. We will soon be releasing the findings of our second quarterly survey on the Safety and Energy issues in the sector, and we will be releasing our Welfare Reform survey early next year, so please keep an eye out for these.

To help illustrate what we have learned from our surveys and just how important your contribution to our surveys are, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you a few key findings from our recent finance and tax quarterly survey. This helps to show the issues affecting the sector and some of the key points we have put across to government.

How do you think this will change over the next few years? Please let us know in the comment section below!


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About the author

Tom Simcock

Tom Simcock

Tom is the Senior Researcher for the RLA. He works hard to understand the issues affecting the PRS and to use our research findings to inform policy decisions.

His expertise lies in researching change in society, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, and behavioural and psychological change approaches. His research on the private rented sector and housing has received national media coverage and has been cited by the House of Commons, House of Lords and the London Mayor. For the past 4 years, he has been researching the changing roles of Fire and Rescue Service Employees as part of his PhD research. Tom holds an M.Sc. degree from the University of Manchester, and a B.Sc. degree from the University of Chester.

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  • The day property owners are prevented by law from charging rents home occupiers cannot pay, especially as a tool of of constructive eviction. What is called ‘rent’ should only be up to the value of what it costs realistically to keep any one property in good and up to date repair.

    The day property owners are prevented by law from imposing arcane rules and impositions that would not apply to anyone who owns their own home.

    The day home occupiers have security of occupation for life.

    The day it is recognised in law that a home is a right and should never be a business commodity for the profit of anyone.

    Then the happier I shall be.

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