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Liverpool Landlords citywide licensing scheme coming – 1st April 2015!

Written by RLA

Liverpool City Council has announced details of the mandatory private landlord licence requirements coming into force on Wednesday 1st April 2015. The RLA was involved throughout the consultation process and met with Council Officials on a number of occasions and we are pleased to see that accredited landlords, and those part of a council approved Coregulation Scheme are being offered a discount on licence fees…

Liverpool City Council has announced details of the mandatory private landlord licence requirements coming into force on Wednesday 1st April 2015. The RLA was involved throughout the consultation process  and met with Council Officials on a number  of occasions and we are pleased to see that accredited landlords, and those part of a council approved Coregulation Scheme are being offered a discount on licence fees.

Standard licence fees stand at £400 for initial properties, with an extra £350 for additional properties – licences will be valid for the duration of the five year scheme.  Landlords under the CLASS accreditation scheme will enjoy discounts of licensing fees, with each property costing £200 to licence. However, landlords found in contravention of licensing requirements – i.e., not having a licence – face fines of up to £5,000 and might have their properties taken over by the council until an alternative licensed landlord is found.

The scheme applies to all privately rented properties in Liverpool, except for HMOs already holding a licence.

Licences will be awarded to landlords who pass ‘fit and proper person’ checks. This process includes investigation into conviction history regarding dishonesty, violence or drugs, or contraventions of housing law.

Visit the Council webpage for more information, regarding how to apply, fees, and other exemptions.

Landlords are warned: If you are not registered by 1st April you could be charged an administration fee or face prosecution.

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  • Sorry RLA. I pay my subs to stop further and additional legislative burdens on landlords not to get £50 off a fee.

    A scheme that just re-iterates current legal requirements with the only exception “send proof to council”. A scheme that makes RLA tenancies obsolete – due to new conditions – that can force a landlord to evict a tenant for having an untidy garden… One that shifts the responsibility for Anti-social behaviour of a city’s citizens from elected government to private business.

    How can a landlord association could put there name to a city-wide scheme?

    • Hi Adam, thanks for the comment.

      To acknowledge your remarks, the RLA opposed the scheme throughout the duration of the consultation. However, the Council has decided to proceed with proposals and we are simply alerting our members to the situation.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further comments or concerns, we aim to help in any way possible.


      RLA Campaigns.

  • Hi I have just heard about this new scheme, do i have to pay this as i have only got two properties, mainly for my pension.
    I have tried to see if i am exempt from this but it will not allow me to access the site.
    Any ideas please
    Many thanks

    • Hi Josie,

      As the scheme is City wide it would be fairly certain that you will fall under the requirements of the scheme.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have more comments or questions.

      Best regards,

      RLA Campaigns.

  • Your headline states accredited landlords are offered a discount on the fees as well as those part of the council scheme. Accredited with RLA or NLA or how do we become accredited?

    • Hello Jon,

      As it stands, the Liverpool CLASS scheme ( ) is currently the only scheme Liverpool are offering discounts for.

      The RLA has written to Liverpool City Council twice for confirmation regarding whether or not accredited landlords from RLA schemes will enjoy the discount…we have yet to hear back, but will be sure to let you know as soon as we become aware.

      Many thanks for your comment, best of luck.

      RLA Campaigns.

      • Agree Robin Hood.
        They have squeezed all profits out of being a landlord and now squeezing again. I have 10 properties in Liverpool and looking to sell the lot now as not worth the headache.

        So am I correct in reading, there is no way we can appeal against these pick pockets?

  • How could council take somebodies property – this is robbery in broad daylight!!!
    Is this not against our rights? or against constitution?
    This licence is just another way of taxing ppl!!!
    If they want to licence landlords, then they should licence tenants as well!!!
    It is insane!!!!
    Private landlords are a big part of housing problems in this country.
    We are risking a lot of money (in properties) to be trashed by some bad tenants.
    One year profit can be taken buy just one tenant who is destroying your BTL house and you have to cover everything and he moves on to another place, and than council comes along and fines you £5k! Great!
    It is attack on our freedom!

  • It’s obvious L.C.C and the present government doesn’t value the job or service private landlords provide , but once again if landlords lie down and let their businesses suffer more financial burdens we’ve only ourselves to blame . Maybe after over 30 years of being a landlord in Liverpool its time to sell up and let the council do their job properly and house people , put my money in the bank , or will I have to have a license and face a £400 bill or face a fine to do this in future ?

  • The CLASS self accreditation scheme is an eight question form with answers of Yes or No, it should take about three minutes to complete. Any decent landlord will pass this accreditation and so qualify for a discount from the license fee.
    I do agree with Adam above, licensing schemes such as these are placing all sorts of responsibilities on landlords, including it seems, replacing social workers, police, refuse collectors etc.etc.
    We will be affected in a very small why by this scheme but more so by another scheme being consulted on “over the water” in Wirral.
    I’d like to know what councils are going to do for the money they will rake in? apart from creating maybe one enforcement job that is!
    Revenue raising to replace lost subsidies from government is all this seems to be, I haven’t seen any evidence from anywhere, that suggests licensing works any better than laws which already existed to deal with rogue landlords and anti-social tenants.

  • Is anyone aware of the potential impact upon Liverpool of the proposed SI amendment to the Housing Act. As Liverpool is seeking to license more than 20% of properties it would seem this can’t proceed without secretary of state approval. Liverpool as yet has not made any comment.

  • Dan
    LCC has replied to my email enquiry about the introduction of the scheme on 1 April 2015, the day the reform come into force. Here is the reply
    ‘Good Afternoon,Thank you for your enquiry.The Council are considering this information and taking legal advice, we will comment further once this is received.Regards Landlord Licensing Team,
    Liverpool City Council, I Municipal Buildings, I Dale Street, L2 2DHE:

    Given that the potential penalty for not registering by 1 April could be a fine of up to £5000, are we still required to register? It looks as though they are trying to forge ahead despite the new legistlation.

    Personally, I have written directly to Brandon Lewis MP for clarifiaction. I think all Liverpool landlords should also do this to find out where we stand. here are his conntact details.
    Brandon Lewis MP, Minister of State for Housing and Planning,
    Department for Communities and Local Government, 4th Floor, Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF
    Tel: 0303 444 3430Fax: 0303 444 3986

  • My son leases out his one bed flat in the Lark Lane area .Basically it covers his mortgage and management fees whilst he is working abroad. It was never intended to be a ‘buy to let’ property but circumstances lead to him moving abroad. It is very unfair to burden him,and, I have no doubt,many like him with this extra financial cost.

  • L L license is a bad joke but universal credits is even worse, tenants on universal credits can not claim this including the rent element for part months basically if they move out or get a job or their benefit gets suspended during the month but before the assessment date they will lose that parts months payment, basically if a tenants assessment date is the 5th of the month but they move out on the 3rd of the month then when it is assessed on the 5th they are not entitled to any payment as they moved out before the assessment date and universal credits cannot be paid for less than a month so the tenant loses the living element of the payment and the landlord loses the rent element of the payment as universal credit cannot and will not pay for part months as housing benefits now do.

    I have a large property portfolio and so do six of my friends and we are all selling up as it is becoming virtually impossible to be a profitable landlord with all the stupid new changes. Let’s see how the government cope when private landlords sell off their properties.

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