Our London Campaigns

While the whole of the UK is affected by the housing crisis nowhere is this felt more acutely than in the capital.

Ahead of the mayoral election this year the RLA had a team in London campaigning on five key issues we feel the new mayor must address if he is to go any way towards solving the current crisis.

We also produced a Landlords4London manifesto outlining what we believe to be the key priorities when addressing London’s housing issues.

Our campaign work centred on five main issues:

1. Discouraging rent controls
2. Encouraging better enforcement
3. Boosting supply
4. Introducing flexible tenancies
5. Addressing buy to leave

To read our London manifesto and for more information click here:

Our London Manifesto

Housing Supply and Airbnb

Since we launched our London campaign the runaway popularity of short term holiday lettings sites such as Airbnb has emerged as a potential issue which could have a major impact on the supply of homes to rent in the capital – as well as other parts of the country.

Figures show that, to February this year (2016) there were 33,715 rooms or properties listed for rent in the capital, with 65% for more than the prescribed 90 days a year limit.

The RLA is has produced a research paper on the Airbnb phenomenon that highlights the issues around the potential misuse of the site. Read our research report below:

The Rental Revolution: What is the Sharing Economy doing to the PRS?

The site is open to abuse, both by landlords who want to avoid the legal responsibilities of renting out properties by advertising them as holiday lets and tenants who want to make extra cash by sub-letting.

The RLA is calling for an urgent review by the Government and the Mayor of London into the use of holiday letting sites and how to clamp down on criminal practices by property owners and tenants. Read our research reports into this issue below:

View all of our research into Airbnb