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Manchester to Extend Selective Licensing After First Scheme is Approved

India Cocking
Written by India Cocking

Last year, Manchester City Council gained approval to introduce licensing in the northern area of Crumpsall, off the back of this news the second phase of the licensing has been given the go ahead. A second consultation has started for a selective licensing scheme in the south Manchester areas of Moss Side and Rusholme.  If approved this scheme could cost landlords up to £750 per home.

Selective Licensing applies to all private rented sector houses that are not licenced under HMO licensing, this includes non licensable HMOs. An area may be designated for selective licensing either (i) if the area is (or is likely to be) an area of low housing demand or (ii) the area is experiencing a significant and persistent problem caused by anti social behaviour that local authorities attribute to private sector landlords failing to take action to combat against unruly tenants. A designation can last up to five years.

The council has set out guidelines for successful applicants, to get a licence a landlord will have to be a ‘fit and proper’ person. To decide this the local authority will look at whether they have:

  • any criminal convictions to do with violence, drugs, sexual offences or fraud
  • broken any laws to do with housing or being a landlord
  • been found guilty of unlawful discrimination.

They will have to meet standards in how they treat their tenants, including:

  • giving written tenancy agreements
  • putting deposits in a deposit protection scheme.

And they will have to make sure the home itself meets certain standards for things like:

  • gas safety
  • electrical safety
  • having smoke alarms

The council is running several drop in events for residents, landlords, tenants, and interested parties to speak to officers from the Council about their concerns or queries on the proposal;

  • 15 February 2017, 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm , Trinity House Community Resource Centre Grove Close (off Platt Lane), Manchester M14 5AA
  • 15 March 2017, 2.00pm – 8.00 pm , Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse  140 Raby St, Manchester M14 4SL
  • 13th April 2017, 2.00pm – 8.00pm  , The Birch Community Centre  Brighton Grove, Manchester M14 5JT

The closing date of the consultation is Friday 21st April 2017, the RLA will be replying opposing the scheme, as we do with all licensing consultations, and we urge our members to do the same.

To learn more about the consultation proposed by Manchester City Council and to have your say visit: http://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/10084/information_for_private_landlords/7423/consultation_proposals_for_having_licences_for_privately_rented_houses_in_moss_side_and_rusholme

To keep up to date with news, events, and licensing in Manchester visit their Local Authority Network page: https://www.rla.org.uk/lanetwork/partner.shtml?manchester-city-council

About the author

India Cocking

India Cocking

India is the Local Government Officer for the RLA. Having completed her degree in International Politics at Aberystwyth University, India is currently working on updating and maintaining the Local Authority Network. This is of importance as it strengthens communication and understanding between landlords, local authorities, and the RLA. India is working towards gathering concise and clear data from all 435 local authorities on their licencing, fees, news, events and contact details.

Before joining the RLA India worked at Martin and Co Lettings Agent in her home town of Derby, the Welsh Assembly, and her local MP, alongside helping her parents run the family buy-to-let business.


  • The same thing is happening in the Nottingham city area. The whole city residential areas are deemed to satisfy the criteria set by the council. Selective licencing for private residential lettings. Two consultations taking place, on the 21/2/2017 in the council house dining room between 1-3pm and on the 22/2/2017 in the council house ball room between 4-6pm. The model is exactly the same as the Manchester one. Making all Landlords responsible for tenants anti-social behaviour. I wouldn’t want to become embroiled with a tenant. Also, the licensing fee which is being set at around £600 per property. Be that a one bed flat or a HMO. No distinction. The licence fee has to paid in full no instalments. Which I am sure will prove difficult for small BTL investors’.

    • Gary, India’s comments do not say anything ‘re Nottm for the responsible landlord. This does NOT address HMO, just the good guys. This is a money raising event and note, they can change it to mean that government approval is not necessary. This will not change violent crime or bins. These are already enforceable by law, not by you or I. I am also required by law to have inspections and safety certificates on a yearly basis which I pay for. I have been in HMO’s in Nottm and no one is addressing their deficits, not even for Uni students. Gov. Is always moaning about lack of rentals, well I for one, am getting out if this goes ahead.

  • Councils are trying to sneek this in up and down the Country, as if Landlords dont have enough expenses with non paying tenants and those who wreck our houses without any consequence. Where are the protection for good Landlords? As my mortgages come out of fixed deals I shall be selling up and evicting my tenants. I have had enough of being ripped off and being abused by Tenants. I am certainly not ‘policing’ Tenants for the council or government! I will be taking my money elsewhere while making 6 families homeless so no homes for them, no more rip off taxes for the Government, no more rip off licence fees by councils and no more STRESS dealing with knob heads. yay

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