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Manchester Start Two More Selective Licensing Consultations

India Cocking
Written by India Cocking

A year after their first licensing consultation and only a month after their second, Manchester City Council have started another Selective Licensing Consultation for areas within Moston and Old Moat. The licensing consultation is running for 10 weeks and finishes on 2nd June 2017.

Selective Licensing applies to all private rented sector houses that are not licensed under HMO licensing, this includes non licensable HMOs. An area may be designated for selective licensing either (i) if the area is (or is likely to be) an area of low housing demand or (ii) the area is experiencing a significant and persistent problem caused by anti social behaviour that local authorities attribute to private sector landlords failing to take action to combat against unruly tenants. A designation can last up to five years.

As part of the licence, the holders of the licence will be required to comply with licensing conditions, some of which are mandatorily imposed by the Housing Act, and local licensing conditions from the council itself.

The council believes that introducing this licensing will make landlords better and improve the quality of houses, hoping that in turn this will:

  • make more people want to live in the area
  • make people want to stay in the area for longer
  • cut the length of time houses are empty — increasing the rental income for landlords
  • increase property values as the area improves
  • reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

On their website the council confirm that the licensing fee will be between £500 and £750 per property. The Council are vague on the conditions they will implement within this license, but claim that they will include standards such as;

  • giving written tenancy agreements
  • putting deposits in a deposit protection scheme.

And the property will have to meet standards in areas including;

  • gas safety
  • electrical safety
  • having smoke alarms.

Manchester City Council are hosting several drop in events for residents, landlords, tenants, and businesses to speak to officers from the Council about this proposal;

Wednesday 29th March, 2pm – 8pm

Withington Library Foyer, 410 Wilmslow Road, Withington, M20 3BN

Wednesday 24th May, 2pm – 8pm

Withington Library Foyer, 410 Wilmslow Road, Withington, M20 3BN

Mon 27th March, 2pm – 8pm

St Dunstan’s Parish Hall, Kenyon Lane, Moston M40 9JP

Mon 22nd May, 2pm – 8pm

St Dunstan’s Parish Hall, Kenyon Lane, Moston M40 9JP

We urge our members to attend these events and get their opinions heard by the council.

To see the full consultation documents and the proposed streets, click here.

The RLA replies to every licensing consultation, to see our response to this consultation and to get advice on how to write your own, click here.

To keep up to date with news, events, licensing and details of Manchester City Council visit their Local Authority Network Page.

About the author

India Cocking

India Cocking

India is the Local Government Officer for the RLA. Having completed her degree in International Politics at Aberystwyth University, India is currently working on updating and maintaining the Local Authority Network. This is of importance as it strengthens communication and understanding between landlords, local authorities, and the RLA. India is working towards gathering concise and clear data from all 435 local authorities on their licencing, fees, news, events and contact details.

Before joining the RLA India worked at Martin and Co Lettings Agent in her home town of Derby, the Welsh Assembly, and her local MP, alongside helping her parents run the family buy-to-let business.

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