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Mayor’s Landlord Database will do little to find the criminals

Dr Tom Simcock
Written by Dr Tom Simcock

Plans for a new database to name and shame criminal landlords in London will do little to root out the crooks.

We have concerns over the Mayor of London’s new plans for a database of landlords.

In 2015/16 just 411 landlords were prosecuted by councils in the Capital of which 70% were in one Borough, Newham, which has provided more funding than any other council for proper enforcement action.

We believe that rather than duplicating a database, which the Government is already establishing under the 2016 Housing and Planning Act, the Mayor should work with the next Government to secure the long term funding councils desperately need to find and root out the criminal landlords as called for in the our manifesto for the General Election.

RLA Policy Director, David Smith, commented:

“Criminal landlords have no place in the private rented market, but another database is not the answer.

“Such lists do nothing to help find criminal landlords in the first place. After all, they are hardly likely to come forward to register to go on it.

“Rather than duplicating what the Government is already doing, the money to be spent on this scheme would be better used protecting tenants and good landlords by actively finding the crooks who intentionally break the law.”


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Dr Tom Simcock

Dr Tom Simcock

Tom is the Senior Researcher for the RLA and leads the RLA’s research lab; the Private renting Evidence, Analysis and Research Lab (PEARL). His expertise lies in researching change in society, public policy and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Tom’s research on housing has received national media coverage, featuring on the front page of The Times, has influenced government policy making, and has been cited in debates in the House of Commons, House of Lords and by the London Mayor.


  • how about those real criminals who steal, mug and burgle who forever get away without justice being served? The tenants who sit on the property without paying rent and vandalise it that cost landlords time and money and eventually walked off, not a penny paid? The government should spend the resources on the much needed social problems.

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