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Consultation on building regulations underway

The Welsh Government is currently undertaking a consultation on building regulations, with the aim of improving the energy performance of buildings and helping, “…Wales move towards zero carbon and near zero carbon energy buildings by 2020.”

The consultation contains proposals for:

  • Changes to Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) of the Building Regulations;
  • Changes to the Approved Documents for Wales;
  • A new template for the Approved Documents for Wales; and,
  • A discussion of future thinking as we move towards zero carbon.

A series of events has already taken place, but further details are available on the Welsh Government website.

Renting Home (Wales) Bill

The RLA is now a member of the stakeholder group looking at the Renting Home (Wales) Bill, formerly the Tenure Reform (Wales) Bill.

The Bill is looking at the improvement of standards for tenants; covering such issues as longer tenancies, standard formats for AST forms, and greater interaction between the private and social rented sector.

The Bill has it roots in Law Commission’s recommendations of 2006.

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