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Recently the RLA has written to the BBC and Panorama television show to voice concerns regarding the way landlords were depicted in some of their recent programmes. The RLA has received a response from the Panorama Editor which you can read in full…

Recently the RLA has written to the BBC and Panorama television show to voice concerns regarding the way landlords were depicted in some of their recent programmes. The RLA has received a response from the Panorama Editor which you can read in full.

You can view the letter to the RLA from Panorama in full here.

The Panorama show in question “The Great Housing Benefit Scandal” is available to view here.

Read the RLA letter here.

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  • I am very disappointed with this reply but not surprised. Yet again it seems to be bash the PRS Landlord.

  • The BBC response to the RLA letter was predictable. They did not acknowledge or agree with any of the points raised and the tone of the reply was patronising and superior. This type of reply is standard for the very left-leaning and out-of-touch BBC that is subsidised by the public. I have written many times to the BBC to complain about a whole host of biased reporting by their closet Marxist, so-called journalists, and on every occasion they have rejected each point that I have raised. However, I do not intend to give up and I hope the RLA has a similar attitude.

  • Well, the BBC can do no wrong. In my view the intention was to portray all landlords as greedy crooks in line with current government propaganda.

  • A very biased programme giving unfair airtime to an unbalance outlook and attack on the PRS and landlords. The only way to make it fair is to give an equal amount of air time to good landlord and practices or make their so-called documentaries on ‘rogue tenants’ or the amount of financial, psychological abuse landlords get from bad tenants and to their properties. Those areas have clearly not been addressed.

    The mould and dampness on the programme in windows etc are clearly a condensation problem which can happen in any room or space if the condensation is not managed or dealt with and that is not necessarily a landlord problem or caused by landlords. Very often it’s the tenant lifestyle or living habits that caused this. The programme appears to be saying this is translated to sub living standards. If the tenant creates a space like that for themselves how are landlords are to be blamed? How about all the council flats and houses with the same conditions? Are they all the council faults or is it just the way tenants live?

  • I totally agree with what Marcus said. After all the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is a state owned media and will obviously be in line with the austerity programme to justify them cutting all welfare…

  • I have tried myself several times to get an answer on a simple question to the BBC When using the red button for area forecasts Essex the county is excluded, just a blank area, Why?. So it is of little surprise that the BBC fail you as well.
    1)I suggest writing to the chairman of the governors and 2) RLA generate a letter to every MP in which there are RLA members to ask the BBC the same questions and follow through if MP’s are given a poor reply.

  • Whilst I appreciate that the program may have targeted private landlords ,has there been an investigation into social landlords? We are private landlords and have lost a minimum of 3 tenants to Gentoo Sunderland in the past 2 years and being in Sunderland we have not increased rents in several years-in fact we have had to reduce them
    Tenants are obviously attracted to lower rents with Such as Gentoo but the properties offered have been sub standard in that there is dampness , redecorating needed , filthy carpets, walls need re plastering and in one instance no boiler tho in fairness Gentoo said they would replace it. In 2 cases a grant of £1000 was offered.
    I know that Gentoo will not tolerate applicants who have had any debts in the past year no matter what the circumstances – even though our tenant had a disabled daughter and there had been a mix up with housing benefit so what and who is social housing for? And where do the tenants rejected by social landlords go? We all know the answer to that! Come on BBC , dare you portray the “other side”?
    We had some of our properties assessed by the council to “ensure a high standard” Do Gentoo?

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