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Free winter property care guide

Stephanie Eaton
Written by Stephanie Eaton

At this time of year cold weather can pose several threats to your rental property. Freezing temperatures, storms and flooding can potentially cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and unnecessary stress and worry to you and your tenant.

It is important to be proactive and make sure your property is in good condition to better withstand the elements.

By inspecting your property, speaking to your tenant, and looking out for tell-tale signs, you will be able to spot areas that might be in need of repair or replacing. This will allow you to combat the problem before it spreads or gets out of hand.

Areas to pay particular attention to include: the roof, pipes, heating system, garden and outbuildings.

To help, RLA Insurance have produced a winter property care guide which offers hints and tips on practical steps that you and your tenants can take to protect your property this winter.

The guide includes a variety of useful tips including:

  • Examine your washing machines, bath and kitchen appliances for leaks that could cause rotting and dampness.
  •  Ensure gutters are clean from leaves and debris to avoid structural damage and damp which can cause serious health issues.
  • Check that your outside lighting is working, this is particularly important if the property has steps or other features which make it difficult to get around when it is dark and slippery.

Download your free winter property care guide now


Why not share this advice with your tenant? You could accompany it with a reminder about the stopcock location, instruction manuals for the boiler and other appliances as well as a number to call in emergencies.

This winter property care guide was provided to you for free by RLA Insurance. If you would like more information on the specialist landlord property insurance policies offered by RLA Insurance call 0333 000 0172 or visit the insurance section on the RLA main site.

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Stephanie Eaton

Stephanie Eaton

Steph is the Events and Marketing Executive for the RLA. She holds a Media, Culture, Communications and Advertising degree from the University of Lincoln and has had several years’ experience utilising her skills developing content and managing marketing campaigns. She has spent over 6 years in the housing sector which is an area that she is passionate about. Steph is also responsible for the RLA’s event programme and can be often found networking with members on the RLA stand at events.

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