National Gardening Week: Quiz for landlords

Welcome to the National Gardening Week: Quiz for landlords



This week is National Gardening Week, and with summer nearly upon us and the temperatures (hopefully) rising, many tenants will be looking forward to spending time outdoors.

From who should deal with certain repairs to garden maintenance, have a go at our just for fun quiz.

1) In 2018, following a landmark court ruling, it was revealed that homeowners can now sue their neighbours for damages if which of the following grows onto their land?

2) If there is a clause in the agreement regarding the maintenance of the garden, is it recommended that the landlord is to provide the tools to maintain it?

3) The neighbour next door to the rental property has popped a note through the door requesting that the fence panels separating their garden and the garden of your property are replaced, as some of the panels are broken. Your tenant has been in touch and has said that they think it is your job as the landlord to sort this out. Are they correct?

4) A tenant has been in touch, and with the recent heatwave, has been spending more time in the garden. There are quite a few weeds in the garden, and the tenant has been in touch with you, the landlord, requesting that these are removed. Is it your responsibility as a landlord to do this?

5) Hosepipes can be a potential breeding ground for legionella bacteria. Which of these should you not do?

6) Your property is due to be empty for the next month, and you’re thinking of spending time doing some work on the garden. As an RLA member, you can get discounted rates on landscaping and other useful tools. What’s the name of this discount card?

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Victoria Barker

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