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Rent control calls in Greens’ manifesto

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

Rent controls and the abolition of Section 21 repossessions are outlined in the Green Party manifesto, released today. 

In relation to housing it calls for: 

  • Rent controls on private tenancies “which reflect average local income rates and the cost of maintenance.”
  • An end to “no-fault evictions”.
  • Measures to make it “easier to set up community-led housing initiatives and for private renters in Houses of Multiple Occupancy to buy and run their home as a housing co-op.”
  • The replacement of the current benefits system with a new Universal Basic Income which would be a “weekly payment for everyone”.
  • An end to the hostile environment policy for immigration which includes the Right to Rent scheme.
  • Action to “ensure that all 8 million rented homes are A rated for energy efficiency, or as close to this as possible, by implementing a Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard escalator to raise the minimum level allowed from the current E rating to A rating by 2030.”

More information

The RLA has published its own six-point election manifesto highlighting the changes it believes are needed to create a PRS that words for all. You can read it here.

To find out more about recent statements from the three major parties on the issue of housing and PRS ahead of the publication of their manifestos click here. 

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Sally Walmsley

Sally Walmsley

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