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Rent Smart Wales deadline one week away

Daniel Bellis
Written by Daniel Bellis

There is just one week to go before enforcement of Rent Smart Wales begins, and with thousands of landlords still not registered or licensed.

From November 23 any landlord or agent who has not complied with their duties under Rent Smart Wales could face harsh penalties, which could cost them thousands in back rent and remove their ability to evict a tenant.

Worse still, many landlords who simply aren’t aware of Rent Smart Wales will find out the hard way once enforcement begins. Thousands of landlords and agents across Wales are set to be slapped with orders telling them to pay back cash – and their tenants told to stop paying rent.

RLA Cymru is now making a final call to landlords to make sure their properties are registered.

They are also being warned that if they carry out any management activities, they must become trained and licensed.

The RLA is arguing that, due to numerous failures within the Rent Smart Wales system the deadline for compliance should be extended. Those who already have a licence, will have it reset so that it expires five years from the new enforcement date.

Many landlords have struggled  with the Rent Smart Wales scheme for number of reasons. However, many landlords face punishment because they simply do not know about Rent Smart Wales as the communication of the scheme has been so poor.

The RLA believes delaying the enforcement of Rent Smart Wales would be a sensible step to make sure those landlords who have been let down by this lack of communication aren’t unfairly hit with huge bills for non-compliance.

For more information about Rent Smart Wales you can view the RLA’s 1-2-3 guide here.

The RLA offers a range of accredited Rent Smart Wales training courses, find the right one for you here.


About the author

Daniel Bellis

Daniel Bellis

Daniel is the Policy Officer for the RLA in Wales, working hard to make sure that our members voices are heard by the people elected to office.

Prior to joining the RLA, Daniel worked in MP’s offices and with communications firms, working on election strategies and the communication campaigns of major companies. Daniel also holds a MScEcon in European Governance and Public Policy from the University of Cardiff where he extensively studied lobbying regulations in the UK, US and EU.


  • I think that landlords have had enough time and I have know about the scheme for a year.
    Why give people extra time when they are probably aware that they should have registered by the due date anyway?
    The so-called ‘rogue landlords’ who are off the radar and not declaring any income from rentals are unlikely to register even if you extend it for another year.
    We as legitimate landlords have to comply so why should they have extra time, when they have no intention of doing so themselves?

    • The Rentsmart communication channels are very poor phonecalls have a 30 minute que time and reply by email take 10 days ,also the proof of training the uploading process is a nightmare ,at least this is my first and last landlord license ,due to the osborne tax,energy effiecency targets for rented properties coming in 2018 and landlord license ,its a pity this will reduce the number of properties available to rent and push rents for the poorest

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